A-social-commitment-APF-France-Handicap A-social-commitment-APF-France-Handicap



A commitment with APF France Handicap


Ever since the beginning, we have consciously sought to draw goodness from beauty.

In as early as 2010, manufacturing of the now iconic Vertigo suspension light was entrusted to APF France Handicap (French non-profit fighting for disability rights) thereby lying the foundation of our COMMITMENT TO HELP OTHERS, advocating for an open and inclusive society built on solidarity. A society in which we live, together. That commitment has grown over time and now, a 30-strong workshop is behind the fine craftsmanship of most Petite Friture lighting collections.

After years of staying quiet, we are now speaking up about our commitment


Why? Because we know that there is an urgent need to awaken minds. As a company, we have the power in numbers to make change happen… And we want to make some noise, to go further.

We are going to speak up and out to clearly convey how we are continually changing and growing, to demonstrate what we are doing to put our ‘’Positive Force’ to good use.

Our priorities:

  • CREATE PIECES THAT ARE WELL THOUGHT OUT, eco-designed, sustainable, and that embrace the virtues of circularity


  • DRIVE FURTHER SOCIAL AND LOCAL ENGAGEMENT to foster inclusion and collaborative effervescence


  • CULTIVATE IDEAS AND TALENT and encourage greater participation within our teams
show-it-to-awaken-the-spirits show-it-to-awaken-the-spirits
Our-ambition-to-become-a-so-called-entreprise-a-mission Our-ambition-to-become-a-so-called-entreprise-a-mission





Our ambition: to become a so-called “entreprise à mission”


We put our strengths together to serve our mission: ‘ TO DRAW GOODNESS FROM BEAUTY’. Our energy is geared toward always improving on our commitments. The first step of our journey in 2022 involves making Petite Friture a ‘a so-called “entreprise à mission”, or purpose driven company. The legal status requires Petite Friture not only to generate profit, but do so in a way that it says will benefit its customers’ health and the planet.  Over time, with the help of outside organisations, it means assessing our journey when it comes to people and the environment.

Amélie-du-Passage-and-APF-France-Handicap-1 Amélie-du-Passage-and-APF-France-Handicap-1