Early 2020 we launched a study through a CSR consultancy firm (Nuova Vista) to get us on the right track.


The first observation is that sustainable policy is only possible if all the staff are on board. We set up a working group that is dealing with real-world cases with the relevant people, inhouse and outside the company. This is a shared task that requires communication and experimentation.


One of these tasks, that we are treating as a project, is remote working. This was requested at the end of the lockdown. We have decided to keep remote working but to organize and optimize it. We have a group in charge of polling everyone to get an inventory of the equipment and abilities people have to work properly from home.


Our teams are our greatest asset and our foundation. We love travelling so much, but can’t at the moment, so we are drawing inspiration from all the origins present in our team of 30: Spain, Gambia, Senegal, Belarus, Morocco, England, Algeria, Martinique… All these cultural influences can be found in what we eat, but also in what we do in our shared projects, in the ways we communicate, share and discover things together.


This is the recipe that will enable us to move into a refurbished hangar space in Montreuil early 2021. The group wanted to work on having a living space that is as sustainable as possible, especially for the people living there. We truly wish to open our doors to let in all the creative people and the good things being done in Montreuil.


Photos credits new premises :
François-Manuel SCHOENLAUB

Locaux Petite Friture Montreuil Locaux Petite Friture Montreuil
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    This September, we have decided to cut down on our printing as much as possible, and find a partner to make sure the printing