The deep ambition of Petite Friture is to bring out talented designers, create bridges, give a new look to design, and all in an optimistic, free and generous state of mind, open and demanding.


Publishing is a human adventure.

  • Sam-Baron

    Sam Baron

  • Brichet Ziegler - designers


  • Constance-Guisset

    Constance Guisset

  • Noe-Duchaufour-Lawrance

    Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

  • Studiopepe- designers


  • India-Mahdavi

    India Mahdavi

  • POOL- designers


  • Tom-Chung

    Tom Chung

  • Portrait Samy Rio

    Samy Rio

  • Pierre-Favresse

    Pierre Favresse

  • Farg-Blanche- designers

    Färg et Blanche

  • Pia Chevalier

    Pia Chevalier

  • AC-AL


  • Daniel-Emma- designers

    Daniel - Emma

  • Andras-Rigler

    Andras Rigler

  • Anne-Harvala

    Anne Harvala

  • Tiphaine-de-Bodman

    Tiphaine de Bodman

  • Elise-Fouin

    Elise Fouin

  • Vaulot-Dyèvre- designers

    Vaulot Dyèvre

  • Jumbo


  • Les Crafties

  • Pierre Charrié

  • Henrik Ødegaard

  • Carole Baijings

Encounters, multifaceted skills, ambition

How do we work with our designers and creatives?

Our story at Petite Friture has been written through sharing in numerous encounters. Since 2009, we have worked with more than 40 designers and creatives from 11 different countries, people of all ages and backgrounds, to create unique furniture, lighting, and design collections that tell a story when used together in a space, a narrative that brings a feeling of surprise and joy.

The highly varied skills of our talented collaborators make each project as unique as it is bold. The Petite Friture ethos is to showcase and promote designers in an open-minded yet demanding mindset.

Our ambition is to create an effervescent merging of complementary talents, people who are driven to excel, who share in our vision and embody the Petite Friture values.

Our mission is to uncover, encounter, unveil, and curate such talents. We embark on unique adventures with each of our creative partners through a clear editorial line guided by optimism, generosity, and in the spirit of the Libre Garde.

Renew, explore, create – Petite Friture thrives through working on projects that are born of singular styles and energies. Orchestrate encounters and unveil talent – such are the Petite Friture values.


Would you like to collaborate with us?


Write to us at [email protected]

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    Petite Friture seeks forms of expression infused with sensitivity and poetry. Each collection is a door to escape into a dream.
  • Tavla, a design witha craftmanship

    The table range TAVLA, which means « Backgammon » in Turkish and Iranian, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the ancestral gaming tables with their rich marquetry decorations.