The deep ambition of Petite Friture is to bring out talented designers, create bridges, give a new look to design, and all in an optimistic, free and generous state of mind, open and demanding.


Publishing is a human adventure.

  • Sam-Baron

    Sam Baron

  • Brichet Ziegler-min


  • Constance-Guisset

    Constance Guisset

  • Noe-Duchaufour-Lawrance

    Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

  • Studiopepe


  • India Mahdavi

    India Mahdavi

  • POOL


  • Tom-Chung

    Tom Chung

  • Pierre-Favresse

    Pierre Favresse

  • Andras-Rigler

    Andras Rigler

  • Farg-Blanche

    Färg et Blanche

  • Anne-Harvala

    Anne Harvala

  • Tiphaine-de-Bodman

    Tiphaine de Bodman

  • Daniel-Emma

    Daniel - Emma

  • Lisa-Laubreaux

    Lisa Laubreaux

  • Tomas-Kral

    Tomas Kral

  • Ana-Montiel

    Ana Montiel

  • AC.AL


  • Elise-Fouin

    Elise Fouin

  • Shelley-Steer

    Shelley Steer

  • Vaulot-Dyèvre

    Vaulot Dyèvre

  • Mortens-Jonas

    Mortens Jonas

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