La roue de la 2nde chance


‘Wheel of Renewed Fortune’ is our chance to find new homes for pieces that have already led full lives by our sides at trade fairs and expos, or for whom their time in our catalogue has come to an end; designs that are still as exciting and finely-constructed as the day they were made. Each piece is ready to walk out the door at unbeatable prices and is deserving of a new lease on life. 

This ‘circular’ event is our way of adopting a more sustainable practice. Sustainability has always been a driving force at Petite Friture; creating high-quality collections that are made to last and that our customers will cherish and hold on to for years to come.

Our pledge: draw goodness from beauty, for now and for years to come. 


  • Week-End bridge SMR

    RED: -50%, slightly visible defects, but nothing too much

    “I’ve been photographed for the world’s leading international design magazines. I wear my imperfections like a badge of honour, they are what make me unique. My visible flaws are the sign of a life well lived zooming from events to photo shoots.” Don't miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself to iconic pieces at 50% off.

  • Week-End bridge SMO

    ORANGE: -30%, barely visible minor defects

    "Milan, Paris, Cologne – I’ve been to all the biggest Design shows. During my time on the road, I picked up the odd souvenir and also a few scratches along the way. Despite some minor blemishes here and there down my side and on my back, I’m still as stunning as ever.” Guaranteed love-at-first-sight for a selection of must-have design pieces at 30% off.

  • Week-End bridge SMV

    GREEN: -15%, items in perfect condition

    “I was there when Petite Friture took its first steps; and like those who designed me, I have been there ever since. Though it’s now time to take my leave and make room for new collections. I am in perfect condition, still in my original packaging, and can’t wait to show of my best assets.” Look through our archives to find a piece that will sweep you off your feet and get 15% off.

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Bubble 2nde chance Bubble 2nde chance
Hollo table basse 2nde chance Hollo table basse 2nde chance




To help recount this part of our story, we have invited Marion Mailaender, artist and interior designer, to take on the role of artistic director. We fell in love with Marion’s world, her exuberance, her keen intuition, and honesty – all essential ingredients behind truly elevated encounters.

Marion Mailaender, our special guest for the event and the brains behind ‘The Wheel of Renewed Fortune’, has constructed scenes where everyday items that are deeply familiar to us all are placed alongside select pieces from the Petite Friture collection in need of a new lease on life. The ‘Gift Carousel’ is a quirky take on the vision shared by Amelie du Passage and Marion Mailaender that the personality of an interior space is felt only through the array of items therein, pieces found in attics or at garage sales, handed down and accumulated over a lifetime. This joint project is about design – far from the world of overconsumption – where legacy pieces are given a new lease on life. 

These pieces have set the wheel in motion, both for themselves and design at large.

Portrait Amélie du Passage & Marion Mailaender par Thomas Mailaender© Portrait Amélie du Passage & Marion Mailaender par Thomas Mailaender©


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