Cornerstone of the design calendar, the 2019 Milan Salone del Mobile once again opened its doors April 9th to 14th, and Petite Friture was on show with a 110m2 stand to unveil four new pieces.

The now iconic FRANCIS mirror, created by Constance Guisset in 2011, has evolved with two lines of coffee tables, each in three formats, and a circular mirror beyond all measure spanning some 110cm across. The stand was home to an array of new creations.

Salon del Mobile 2019 - détail miroir Salon del Mobile 2019 - détail miroir




With the FRANCIS tables come new perspectives, created by the now horizontally laid mirror becoming a table. Therein lies the creative spark for the stand’s design; a desire to take visitors on a journey back to their childhood, to relive the joy and fascination of travelling fairs. The stand was a place to reflect on one’s own reflection; to feel like Alice in Wonderland; to marvel at the misty splashes of colour that appear throughout the FRANCIS collection.

The mirror, as a decorative piece, is much coveted and utilised in numerous forms and manners. Coco Chanel’s iconic rue Cambon apartment in Paris and its startling mirror-laden stairwell served as inspiration for the stand. Numerous mirrors are positioned so that reflections diffract in a most unnerving way, amplified by the impossibility of distinguishing that which is real from that which is reflected.

Many artists have also played around with mirrors: Julio Le Parc, Heinz Mack, and photographers such as Joao Castro or Lea Colombo.

A strong artistic undercurrent of infinite reflections that give the sense of endless depths and never-ending illusions serve as a backdrop for Petite Friture’s new collections, where Salone del Mobile guests are invited to journey into a dreamlike world where space is altered to point where the surreal becomes real.




The space is shaped and contoured by curved walls, covered in blocks of colour or mercurial surfaces that distort and replicate reality. A space where one is drawn in and coaxed into playfulness.



A space where everything revolves around Francis: look down into the surface of the FRANCIS table to gaze upon endless reflections of VERTIGO, MEDITERRANEA, CHERRY, LATERNA, and CAST suspension lights far above; the vibrant colours of Constance Guisset’s watercolours are reflected in the delicate tones of the NUBILO seat and the burnt yellow of HOFF and GRID.



The reflective playfulness and misty hues of the FRANCIS collection permeate throughout the stand, offering up a dreamlike vision of Petite Friture. A world brought to life through a range of individual pieces that, together at the Salone del Mobile, ignite ones playful and curious heart.

Salone del Mobile 2019 - détail CHERRY Salone del Mobile 2019 - détail CHERRY
Famille PING - Petite Friture Famille PING - Petite Friture
Salone del Mobile 2019 - table FRANCIS Salone del Mobile 2019 - table FRANCIS
Suspension CHERRY - Salone del Mobile 2019 Suspension CHERRY - Salone del Mobile 2019