Guest artist Elvire Bonduelle delivers 2022 showroom scenography


Petite Friture entrusted artist Elvire Bonduelle to stage its new 2022 pieces in the brand’s 45ter showroom in Montreuil (Paris area).



The partnership is in line with Petite Friture’s curation initiatives – sharpening one’s eye is indeed key to establishing links with a variety of talents, and Elvire Bonduelle’s work is a continuity of contributions by Margaux Duseigneur, Lisa Laubreaux, Ana Montiel, and Ido Garini.


For this project, Elvire Bonduelle and Amélie du Passage took on the challenge of staging Petite Friture’s 45ter showroom, drawing inspiration from a somewhat absurd, eccentric, and spontaneous theme: “Pêche, Frite, Banane”. The artist’s optimistic and wholesome scenography features three unique tents in a campsite mood to present the new 2022 pieces. Elvire Bonduelle’s miniature-scale architecture highlights the new collections, including Petite Friture’s selection of light fixtures, which, in creating compact, self-contained islets, intensify the lamps’ presence, enhancing each of the pieces on show.

Portrait Elvire Bonduelle et Amélie Du Passage Portrait Elvire Bonduelle et Amélie Du Passage
Tente Peche - Fromme - Quasar Tente Peche - Fromme - Quasar



The camp-life atmosphere also calls for a trip down memory lane of childhood holidays – almost stereotypic, according to the artist herself. It drives joy, which is a key value in Petite Friture’s optimistic, feel-good vision of interior design.


Each tent adorns three different patterns that render Elvire Bonduelle’s take on the theme:

  • Peaches, represented with curvy, warm-shaded shapes;
  • Fries, symbolised in voluptuous, clean lines;
  • Bananas, depicted in gentle colours and a generous allure.


Tente Peche - Fromme - Tavla Tente Peche - Fromme - Tavla


And a contemporary, prehistoric-style hand pattern binds the different spaces together. Special paint brushes were manufactured to help Elvire Bonduelle retain her stroke on these larger canvasses than those she usually works with.


Each tent features its own defined space dedicated to the following: a refectory, a dining room, and a living room. The Banana tent probably boasts the boldest scenography. Towering at a staggering four metres, the tent is furnished with a two-metre-long chandelier! To trigger a sense of surprise, the tent includes a number of rolled-up openings which provide a glimpse of the pieces all while preserving a sense of intimacy inside. The entire installation was made to measure and assembled on site – a major first for Petite Friture!



To book a visit to the showroom, contact us at [email protected]

Professionals only, until further notice.

Tente Banane - Elvire Bonduelle Tente Banane - Elvire Bonduelle
Tente Banane - Unify - Fromme Tente Banane - Unify - Fromme
Tente Frite - Elvire Bonduelle Tente Frite - Elvire Bonduelle
Tente Frite - Fromme - Quasar Tente Frite - Fromme - Quasar
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