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Petite Friture invited Casa 93 into its showroom for an upcycling-themed collection photo session.




Since moving into its new facilities in Montreuil on the outskirts of Paris, Petite Friture has been committed to bringing together the entrepreneur and creative community of the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis (93). One of Petite Friture’s very first opportunities to engage in this mission arose when founder Amélie Du Passage participated as a member of the jury in a design contest organised by In Seine-Saint-Denis and Maison Montreau.


As a brand, In Seine-Saint-Denis leads and supports positive initiatives within the Seine-Saint-Denis department in an effort to bring about social change. Maison Montreau has already achieved concrete change in establishing itself as a socially-committed cultural community centre in Montreuil. Maison de Montreau is a third place with high social impact in that it offers accommodation services, provides community catering, and organises seminars throughout the year.

Shooting photo casa 93 x Petite Friture Shooting photo casa 93 x Petite Friture
Shooting photo casa 93 x Petite Friture Shooting photo casa 93 x Petite Friture


At the contest, Amélie Du Passage met with other jury members, including Casa93 founder Nadine Gonzalez. The two entrepreneurs hit it off straight away!


Casa93 is a socially committed open fashion training organisation with a novel approach. Young creatives with diverse backgrounds can sign up for free and don’t need to have any qualifications. They receive training in skills that will help them develop a take on fashion that is more humane, solidarity-focused, transparent, and responsible – principles which Petite Friture itself values in upholding responsible, inclusive and transversal production and consumption practices.


Over and above the creative training it provides, Casa93 offers a unique human experience and encourages reconnection to our inner sense of wonder. Through collective learning, team spirit and the teachings of its educational teams, Casa93 is gradually becoming a professional springboard for the creative youth of Montreuil.

Shooting mode x Showroom Petite Friture Shooting mode x Showroom Petite Friture



One month after their encounter, Amélie Du Passage and Nadine Gonzalez built a bridge between the world of design and the world of fashion. Casa 93 students took possession of Petite Friture’s showroom to spend the morning on an upcycling-themed fashion photoshoot. Twenty or so students brought Petite Friture’s 45ter premises to life, posing under the Vertigo ceiling lamps in the meeting rooms, or spreading out on the Fromme tables following a speedy makeup session in front of a Francis mirror. Upcycled materials included leather and yokes of fabric, among which an eclectic range of styles and colours contrasted with a more minimalistic fantasy-oriented but equally colourful design style.


Maybe Casa93 will be back to film its own fashion show?

Shooting photo showroom Petite Friture Shooting photo showroom Petite Friture
Shooting photo Petite Friture Shooting photo Petite Friture
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