Sustainable and responsible gifts that you’ll cherish for years to come



PETITE FRITURE, the pinnacle of libre garde design producers, has written a Christmas wishlist of gifts with plenty of character.

Finish the year with something that makes a bold statement.

Imagine knowing that your gift will be all the more appreciated because it is made ethically and designed to last a lifetime.


Finish the year with something that makes a bold statement.

Imagine knowing that your gift will be all the more appreciated because it is made ethically and designed to last a lifetime.

Exceptional gifts:


Vertigo Nova, the must have designer lighting fixture. What’s new: a sphere of blown glass that diffuses a soft, dimmable light to suit any mood. Made in France: the piece is assembled by hand and is fitted with long-life LED lights.


Unseen, Studiopepe’s new LED and brass signature lamp. Opting for recyclable materials: polycarbonate, made of 100% recyclable and recycled materials.

Lampe-Vertigo-Nova-noire-et-lampe-à-poser-UNSEEN-small-cadeaux-design Lampe-Vertigo-Nova-noire-et-lampe-à-poser-UNSEEN-small-cadeaux-design
  • Luminaires-Unseen-idées-cadeaux-design-Petite-Friture

    Small Table lamp Unseen

  • grande-lampe-a-poser-unseen-cadeaux-design

    Large Table lamp Unseen

  • suspension-vertigo-nova

    Pendant lamp Vertigo Nova 140 cm

  • suspension-vertigo-nova-cadeaux-design

    Pendant lamp Vertigo Nova 190 cm

Original design for less than €500 to really mark an interior:


The hand-blown glass TIDELIGHT table lamp by Pierre Favresse draws on the codes of automotive design and can be placed on the floor or on a table for a coSy mood.



The collection of CHERRY pendant lights by designer’s Daniel and Emma feature an aluminium cone with a hanging jewel-like sphere and built-in LED lights, the design uses less energy, is recyclable and is more eco-friendly. Quality materials sourced in France. A collection produced using short-circuit manufacturing networks that showcase local know-how.



Made in France by local artisans, FRANCIS is a poetic watercolour mirror by Constance Guisset that resulted from her experimentation with pigments.

Lampe-a-poser-TIDELIGHT-et-suspension-CHERRY-LED-verte-Petite-Friture-idee-cadeaux-design Lampe-a-poser-TIDELIGHT-et-suspension-CHERRY-LED-verte-Petite-Friture-idee-cadeaux-design
  • suspension-cherry-led-family-vert menthe

    Cherry LED pendant light mint green Collection

  • lampe-a-poser-TIDELIGHT

    Table lamp TIDELIGHT

  • Petit-miroir-bleu-FRANCIS-petite-friture-cadeaux-design

    Small blue FRANCIS mirror

  • Miroir-bleu-grand-FRANCIS

    Large blue FRANCIS mirror

Singular design gifts for less than €100:


The hand-blown glass BUBBLE coat hooks by designer duo Vaulot-Dyèvre spread like soap bubbles for a whimsical feel


 – The glazed ceramic CURIOSITY jar by Sam Baron brings a true sense of humour worth revelling in. 



We hope that you will find design gifts that you will cherish for years to come.

Patères-BUBBLE-jaunes-et-boite-de-rangement-CURIOSITY-Petite-Friture-cadeaux design Patères-BUBBLE-jaunes-et-boite-de-rangement-CURIOSITY-Petite-Friture-cadeaux design
  • patere-bubble-petite-friture-cadeaux-design

    Coat Hook BUBBLE

  • patères-bubble-petite-friture

    Coat Hook BUBBLE

  • Boite-de-rangement-CURIOSITY

    Storage Box CURIOSITY

  • ping-bebe-boite-petite-friture

    Baby PING

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