Amélie du Passage and Marion Mailaender: a free and fun-filled encounter that benefits all.


This June, design editor Petite Friture will sell furniture, light fixtures, and other design objects that were once on show at trade fairs and expos.



To help with the event, Marion Mailaender, artist and interior designer, has been invited to come up with something fun and exciting for the ‘Wheel of Renewed Fortune’ second chance campaign. She combined her passion of vowels and the visual ‘price-tag’ style of televised game shows from the 90s into her latest creation: ‘The Gift Carousel’. A letter-perfect rendition of their generous encounter.

La Roue de la Seconde chance tourne La Roue de la Seconde chance tourne
Portrait Amélie du Passage & Marion Mailaender par Thomas Mailaender© - La Roue de la 2nde chance Portrait Amélie du Passage & Marion Mailaender par Thomas Mailaender© - La Roue de la 2nde chance

Amélie du Passage, Petite Friture founder and artistic director, and Marion Mailaender are like to peas in a pod.


Much like contestants on ‘The Wheel’, these two lovers of design much rather ‘Try Again’ as opposed to ‘Lose A Turn’ or ‘Bankrupt’; where the world of design meets circular thinking and furniture is given a second chance on life.


For Amelie, incinerating 10-years’ worth of old stock and furniture from trade fairs, events, and expos, would be simply unimaginable. For the past 10 years, ever since the HEC business school graduate gave up everything to start her own design company, she has continually sought out beauty through sustainability. In her own words: “We don’t follow ever-changing trends that come and go with each season; we foster long-lasting relationships with designers in whom we have immense faith. It’s in the timelessness forms of designs that you want to hold on to and never let go; it’s in the quality, long-lasting materials used to make each piece; it’s in the deep bonds we form with our manufacturers and the way they manage leftover materials. Each day, we take another step closer to a more responsible form of design.”

I’ll buy an ‘M’, please. ‘M’ for Marion Mailaender, intuitive up-cycler and long-time believer in optimising what already exists – especially if it’s straight out of the 80s and 90s. “Ever since my time at the Boulle School of Design, I have been at odds with the expected role of a designer in that I question the very meaning of producing new objects”, in the very words of the designer, best known for her work on private apartments, restaurants and fashionwear boutiques, but also set designs, furniture, and artworks. “Reusing, even when it comes to interior architecture, has always been an integral part of my practice; I incorporate old objects or even scrap material, and get them back in the game.”


Better than the wireless, Instagram and its power to bring people together – fundamental to the Petite Friture way – help unite two women, who shared in their free and fun-loving personalities, and their desire to bring a unique, creative bent to communicating about the importance of being responsible economic actors. That encounter gave rise to ‘The Wheel of Renewed Fortune’ and the underlying hope that the event may go on to become a true vector of beneficial design practice.


La roue de la seconde chance La roue de la seconde chance
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