Encounter with designers who put their soul and their genius in their drawings ; with co-workers who embark upon an entrepreneurial project ; with partners who share the same values.

The encounter at Petite Friture is intended to be optimistic and free, generous and audacious, open and demanding.
From there is born a beauty, that resonates, surprises and uplifts.

Generosity resonates at all stages and evokes very important notions such as pleasure and sharing .

The Week-End collection embodies this generoisty.

Designed with the French studio Brichet-Ziegler, the complete collection of OUTDOOR furniture « WEEK-END » invites us to set up large tables for happy moments.

The oval and circular shape drawn by the backrests makes them a graphic statement. The impact of the horizontal and vertical slats, so similar to stripes, highlights the full and empty spaces, asserting the identity of the collection.


Chair, armchair, coffee table or even bar stool, the Week-End collection includes 18 models and a range of bright colors to create a beautiful outdoor living space and combine shapes and colors to suit your taste.

Designed with practicality in mind, all of the seats are stackable.

The robust design (reinforced slats) and its resistance to rust and corrosion make for a product that is designed to last.

Aluminium is a readily recyclable material and manufacturing is always part recycled materials. The aluminium recycling industry is one of the most highly organised sectors.


Week-End is a timeless collection witch which we want to live with for a long time and to pass on…


Discover the interview of Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet from the studio BrichetZiegler.

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