For each project, our challenge is to push design to new realms, composing unique and long-lasting collections , to spark a vibration.

Manufacturers are essential in overcoming technical challenges and finding smart ways to turn a bespoke piece into an environmentally friendly model for large scale production.
We are committed to create for each of our collections a SUSTAINABLE VALUE CHAIN : optimized flows, business partners respectful of their ecosystems and recycled or recyclable materials.

For the Unseen collection, we chose a RECYCLABLE MATERIAL : the polycarbonate is a recycled and recyclable thermoplastic material.
Unseen is a demanding collection : a testimony of the pair’s technical and aesthetic prowess.

Integrated quality of LED light, powerful and dimmable, to create different atmospheres.
The graphic lines of the lighting elements have been adapted to a range of wall and ceiling fixtures where each individual piece can be placed vertically or horizontally.
The 2-metre high suspension chandelier is the ultimate demonstration of « Unseen » technical virtuosity.
« We want to preserve the idea that light is pure through the modern techniques we employ in our design. The manufacturing of the piece proved to be very trying because of the technical difficulties of the light. We sought to recreate the classic neon light, but with LED technology.” Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto.

We invite you to discover the interview of Studiopepe to learn more about their history, inspirations and work but also about our encounter and collaboration of the Unseen collection.

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  • Sustainability

    Yes, the word is widely used, but it takes on particular importance for us. In concrete terms? Ever since the beginning, the products we develop are built to last

    Proud to be part of the De Siderio project by Studiopepe. A virtual constellation conceived by Studiopepe to introduce Unseen.