SUSTAINABILITY Yes, the word is widely used, but it takes on particular importance for us.

In concrete terms?

Ever since the beginning, the products we develop are built to last: thanks to the materials we use, the way pieces are assembled, and the applied finishing. Products that our customers will hold on to for years to come; they remain part of the collection, don’t follow trends, and are not part of promotional offers. Products that correspond to a deep-seated desire and not a fleeting fancy. Products we encourage you to reuse, given our current design practice includes notions of circularity, repairability, and replaceability.

Sustainability- Vertigo Nova (1) Sustainability- Vertigo Nova (1)

Vertigo, Petite Friture’s flagship design, is a perfect illustration of what ‘sustainability’ means to us. Ever since it appeared in our first collection, Vertigo has been a stand-out piece. Its lightness, elegance, graphic lines, and large size all held in a delicate balance have made it an icon. In light of its success, our role has been to nurture and support the design. To have it shown in high-quality contexts, to give it just the right exposure to maintain desirability. To maintain its price point to ensure fair compensation of the entire value chain, starting with the designer, Constance Guisset, and all those in France who have meticulously manufactured the design by hand, day in day out, for 10 the past years. To fight against counterfeit designs. To increase production capacity while maintaining the same level of quality. In short, to give the design longevity by simply taking care of it.



In 2020, we launched Vertigo’s sister design: Vertigo Nova. Reminiscent of the original iconic design, it comes with new options. The LED light source is built-in and dimmable. The stunning finish is accentuated by a central glass globe. Functional options, with both wall-mount and floor lamp variations. And spare parts in case of breakage. The wish behind Vertigo Nova is to help further extend the Vertigo family lifespan, with two complementary designs that each perfectly suit different spaces and needs.


We Vertigo as an example. But our focus on sustainability can be found in each of our design. A long-life for all our products!


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