Margaux Duseigneur : special guest of our 10th year anniversary



Do objects have a soul? What spirit inhabits them? The ‘Follies’ is a somewhat absurd yet purely joyous series of events where Petite Friture objects, the people who created, designed, and worked on them, come to life and break free.


Surrealists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore were already clamouring back in the 1930s, «Beware domestic objects!».


In the 1970s, photographers Anna and Bernhard Blume saw themselves swept up by unruly mundane objects in flights of wild fancy and other spritely whims.

Margaux Duseigneur Margaux Duseigneur

Now, in 2020, the Petite Friture collection has been bitten by the same bug of domestic folly. A journey into the unearthly or a fleeting hallucination? Whatever the case, the ‘Follies’ is a journey into the imagination and a beauty that lies within…

Petite Friture has invited illustrator and visual artist Margaux Duseigneur to create a graphic narrative that will breathe colour and shape into the ‘Follies’.

Margaux Duseigneur
Univers créatif Univers créatif

Amélie du Passage saw Margaux Duseigneur’s creative universe as a perfect fit for the event; she expresses herself through material, colour, assembly, and coverings. Her works take on sculptural and architectural aspects as they fill the space along flat planes and in three dimensions. Her unique creations are a balanced yet eclectic blend of books, volumes, and paintings, that are almost symbiotic in nature.
Her attention to detail and mastery of her demanding artistic practice leave room for flights of fancy that are in harmony with the Petite Friture way.


In 2014, Amélie’s eye was caught by the work Mille-feuilles: 1,000 drawings on tracing paper, laid one on top of the next, at a rate of one drawing a day.


For Petite Friture, Margaux has sought to recreate the brand’s history in a series of vibrantly coloured paintings that reproduce the collections and the values they embody.


Margaux Duseigneur is the next artist in a growing line of collaborations, following projects with food designer Ido Garini from Appetit studio in 2016, artist Ana Montiel in 2017, and illustrator Lisa Laubreaux in 2018.



If you want to explore Margaux Duseigneur’s universe please click here.