Like every year, Black Friday is soon upon us. Given the current climate, this year’s event takes on a whole different meaning. We want to take this opportunity to reiterate our position. It is our way of getting to the heart of what has kept us on the go these past 10 years. A way of showing our support to the distributors and partners who share in our work ethos.

No Black Friday - Petite Friture No Black Friday - Petite Friture

At Petite Friture, we believe in durability. We develop quality products that are built to last. Products that stay in our catalogue for far more than just one season. Products with personality that our customers – we hope – will cherish for years to come and even hand down to future generations. Products that are fairly priced, that take into account the entire value chain, from designer to client.


For all these reasons, we will not participate to the Black Friday. It would go against all that we strive to uphold. It would tarnish the desirable sheen of our designs, it would take away from the shining values they embody. Our products, we truly hope, are chosen by our customers because of deeply rooted desire and not just a fleeting temptation. It is our way of upholding the merits of intelligent consumerism.


It is sometimes a fine line to tread. But we believe it is the right thing to do if we want to ensure a bright future for our business and that of our partners. This year has taught us resilience; but it has also been an opportunity to take stock of what we do and tackle major issues, to reflect on our purpose as a company. It is for that reason we have chosen to speak up. We will continue to advocate the merits of acting sustainably and responsibly.


See you all in 2021, a year to take flight!