This March 17th, we were gearing up to celebrate our 10th anniversary and launch a couple of big lines to mark the occasion. Then of course everything screeched to a halt. Now, at long last, we’re thrilled to unveil the collections we’ve been working on so hard for the past two years. And they’re all the more exciting because they capture this past decade, encapsulate our bold and bubbly DNA, and say something about the threshold we have crossed.

We have chosen two lighting lines, following the pattern that started it all a decade ago.

First, Vertigo Nova.
We launched Vertigo in 2010 and it soared to stardom (it still has countless copycats but no actual rivals 😊). Now we’re introducing Vertigo Nova, our tribute to the icon, from the same designer, the ever-loyal Constance Guisset. Nova is up to the minute and includes LED technology. It is elongated, elegant and, unlike its illustrious forerunner, is only available in black and white. Nova is now a family, complete with pendant lights measuring 1.90, 1.40 and 1.10 meters (yes, we made a smaller one), a wall-mounted arm and a floor lamp.
Long story short, we took a leap to build a proper family around Vertigo. Nova is today’s version of Vertigo, and still radiates its distinctive, timeless aura. It was tricky but we enjoy a challenge, and the relationship we have been nurturing for 10 years worked wonders. Because that’s what puts the ting in editing.
Thank you ever so much, Constance!

Our anniversary celebrations also feature a big new team project: Unseen, by StudioPepe.
Unseen is our first collaboration with this Milan-based tandem. Its aesthetic is edgy and we loved its palpable architectural slant. This line was inspired by Club Unseen, an installation that StudioPepe prepared for the 2018 Salone del Mobile. It is a modular system, made up of light signs that can be combined horizontally, vertically and limitlessly. The original signs were neon, the new ones include LED technology and the look is as clean, lean and uncomplicated as ever. This technical tour de force would never have happened if the designers and manufacturer hadn’t bounced ideas back and forth so openly and constructively throughout the process. Thank you too Chiara and Arianna!

At Petite Friture, we enjoy two-way conversations, teamwork and new journeys, bold encounters. We often use a term we coined, LIBRE GARDE , which means following our gut, honoring our commitments, keeping it real and venturing onto less-traveled roads. This is the star that guides us and the zest that brings connections to life. This spirit has led us to these two collections: a new conversation, as marvelous as the first, with Constance; and a new connection, delightful and feisty, with StudioPepe. Both projects are a blend of audacity and uncompromising standards, stunning, and mean a lot to us. And we’re very proud to lift the curtain for you here.

All that being said, the feeling these days isn’t quite what we had imagined a few months ago. Like many of you, we have been shaken. We feel we need to embrace our LIBRE GARDE vision, what we do and why we do it, more than ever before.


Our main job is to build collections. We want them to stand out, endure and resonate. We want to see them spring to life from spontaneous, sparkling connections with up-and-coming or established designers and with manufacturers that meet our high standards. And we want to create the collaborative emulsion we hold dear: the togetherness that gets things moving and keeps us working side by side towards a goal we share.


At Petite Friture, we care a lot about being sustainable, transparent, respectful and open. We want to make a positive difference in the world around us. Beyond playing our role as editor, we believe in spreading a state of mind rooted in trust and generosity, because we know that beauty is born in kindness.

And here’s how we walk the talk.

At Petite Friture we present :
  • Sustainable products:

    they are packed with quality, certified and guaranteed; they stay in collections and our customers want to enjoy them for a long time because they don't ride passing fads and aren't cheap; we treat them to a second life with a circular approach (we can repair them and replace several of their parts).
  • Eco-friendly products:

    production, transportation, storage and packaging are optimized; our partner manufacturers are accomplished craftspeople, respect their ecosystem, and contribute to their community
  • Exhilarating products :

    they start with buoyant cross-fertilization between designers and manufacturers; they exude audacity, optimism and generosity; we want them to propel us to new heights, and want to create connections between our community of creators and young talents, beyond our natural circles, especially at our future offices in Montreuil.

So that’s the plan for the coming months and years. We’re aiming high, know it will be tough and will do it one small step at a time. Some of the projects are up and running nicely, some have been unfolding from the start, and others haven’t gotten off the ground yet. In some cases, we will have to turn back. And we’re ready and raring to go.


It’s the first time we’re communicating on this. Now we think it’s important to talk about it so that we, and you, can see the road we’ve traveled so far and the paths we still need to explore; and to build a collaborative emulsion around these choices and go further, much further!


Have a look at our website, We’ve added a section on “Positive Strengths – (our) small steps” to keep you abreast of the progress we make and show you the process unfolding day after day.
Vertigo Nova and Unseen are on display for preview starting today, in the Espace Maison at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.
Finally – on a more personal note – I’d like to use this opportunity to thank all the people who have contributed to this venture over the last ten years. Staff, designers, manufacturers, retail partners… you have all made this company what it is and are its best ambassadors. It has – and continues to be – a great pleasure to work with you. I wish I was able to tell each of you this face to face at a reception. For the time being, these times we live in prevent that, but there will be other opportunities. In the meantime, thank you for everything.


Happy anniversary, Petite Friture!

Amélie du Passage, founder of Petite Friture