Spring is here and it is time to get away for a sunny weekend. It’s also the perfect opportunity for us to catch up with a duo of designers of whom we at Petite Friture are quite fond: Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet from Studio BrichetZiegler. A name you may remember from our collaboration on the outdoor furniture line Week-end.

Carline and Pierre are in perfect sync with our own vision of design; one that is holistic and unfettered by artificial barriers, one that combines flourishing creativity and technical prowess.


Constantly striving to seek out new forms and ways of working materials, they are prolific drawers. That is their way of pushing their own world to change, to listen to and respond to our desires.

Inspiration Week-end - Brichet Zigler Inspiration Week-end - Brichet Zigler

Petite Friture has been unveiling talent for the past 10 years, and our collaboration with Studio BrichetZiegler is testament to that calling. 


The tight-knit bond that keeps us together has become stronger over the years: “We work with the producer and manufacturer as a team, because an object or piece of furniture lives on well past the final drawing, or the moment it is sold; they continue to evolve over time, sometimes to drop the price, sometimes to make them more comfortable…”





The co-created collection is in line with the demanding technical and creative standards upheld by Petite Friture and Studio BrichetZiegler, thanks to a perfect mastery of craftsmanship and an innovative way of tackling shape and matter.


Caroline Ziegler speaks of a collection that “embodies all we want to see in our designs: bold, graphic lines combined with technical prowess that is to be there but not seen. This balance is most evident in the collection’s chairs. The vertical slats create an ingenious effect whereby the seat appears to be hanging. The notch that serves to stack the chairs creates a unique line.”


Week-end is the perfect collection to bring some light into the current, ever-curious times we are in, thanks to a wide range of vibrant colours that truly pop.

The criss-crossed vertical and horizontal lines added to the contrast of empty space and solid colours are at the heart of the collection’s strong visual language.


Caroline and Pierre have given us a collection that is like us in many ways: an endless array playground open to limitless (re)interpretations.


The Week-end collection is on show for all of June at Le Bon Marché. Come on over for your hit of pop-colour vitamins. 

Week-end collection
  • banc-de-jardin-sans-dossier-week-end-par-BrichetZiegler

    Week-end garden bench

  • desserte-avec-roulette-week-end

    Week-end trolley

  • table-haute-de-jardin-petite-friture

    Week-end high table

  • Table basse de jardin design Week-end par BrichetZiegler

    Week-end low table