Sam Baron x the Art Design Lab



Let us take you on a journey into the spirited world of the insatiable Sam Baron who excels in design consultancy as well as in creative direction for unique projects. Be they online or real-world, his creations follow a holistic approach that stands out.  


Sam surrounds himself with creative talents that complement each other, bringing forth a view with a unique twist. 


A creative visionary, it is always a joy to work with Sam on signature projects, like the So-Sage suspension lights – a delicious tribute to the culinary genius of butchers and their Rosary-like strings of sausages. 


Amélie du Passage takes a guilty pleasure in pushing Sam Baron’s creative mind to the point where it boils over during their early morning no-holds-barred conversations in Parisian cafés. 


Cut off from the Parisian café scene, we took our morning coffee ‘online’. During our chat we were given a joyful glimpse into the inner workings of Sam’s creative thoughts, some of which will undoubtedly go on to become experimental works that only he could pull off, as was the case with his latest venture for the Arts Design Lab to help medical staff around France. 

oeuvres Art Design Lab oeuvres Art Design Lab



Design For Life is a charity sale founded by Sam Baron and the Art Design Lab that aims to help the Paris Hospitals Community Support Foundation. The proceeds will be used to assist medical staff and researchers working on the frontline of the current health crisis. 


Sam told us that the idea come to him during the first few days of the lockdown: “What can I do to help and to acknowledge the medical workers? How can I show that the design community is a fully engaged in society at large


Karine Scherrer, founder of – an organization that Sam had been following closely without ever actually collaborating – jumped on the opportunity; with that, the project was born. 

The online community serves to highlight the talent and power of generosity of the French and international design communities. 


Sam serves as creative director, and with Karine Scherrer, they curate a collective of designers – both new and well-established – many of whom are already part of the Petite Friture family: Constance Guisset, Elise Fouin, Pierre Favresse, Studio Nocc, Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer from studio Pool. 


Each designer has donated at least one drawing, sometimes with an additional prototype or object, that are now available for purchase via the Design For Life website up until May 31st, 2020. Designers will send purchased items directly to the buyers at the end of lockdown and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Fondation de L’assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris Hospitals Community Support Foundation)


Throw caution to the wind and buy up big! Follow the link for the full list of items on sale:
DesignxLife – TheArtDesignLab