Today we have the pleasure of catching up with a designer duo that set alight Amélie du Passage’s creative heart.  


This series is our way of touching base with those people who have moulded Petite Friture over the past decade. Each day we feel the empty space left behind without our designers, and so it was a joy to take to the time to catch up with Emma Blanche and Fredrik Färg, proud parents of the gorgeous Rafaël – a tiny baby who brought profound change to their working and family lives. 




Swedish designer, Fredrik Färg, and his French-born designer wife, Emma Marga Blanche, founded their Stockholm-based studio in 2010.  

Their vast Södermalm studio is more like their own private playground. The underground garage-cum-showroom-cum-studio is a place where they can freely try out new and diverse projects, work with other design creator, and even produce their own collections or limited-series pieces for art galleries. 

Farg et Blanche photomaton Farg et Blanche photomaton

Fredrik and Emma are renowned for their experimental approach that revolves around shape and the bond that exists between materials and the way the craftsman manipulates them: “We love working with our hands; they must be part of the creative process.” 

This is why they make all their own prototypes. Weaving to and fro between hand-made craftsmanship and industrial techniques, they maintain a unique, trademark style. 




Petite Friture and Färg&Blanche, the beauty of happenstance encounters. Amélie met the duo many years ago, and suddenly in Maison&Objet in 2015 suggested collaborating on a project. She spoke with such assurance and enthusiasm that they set the ball rolling the very next day. 


A collaboration that culminated in the organic shapes of the unique tableware series, Succession. The initial shape was conceived in Fredrik and Emma’s studio as the result of a series of experiments: felt-wrapped objects bound with lengths of rope were oven-baked to set, then untied, revealing the impressions left by the rope. 


Their relationship then grew beyond mere matters of the collection’s technical development. Petite Friture and Färg&Blanche fostered a bond based in a passion for beautiful objects and a need to seek out enjoyment and fun in their creations; working together on projects that were meaningful for designer and brand alike. In Emma Blanche’s own words, finding a design publisher « is like building a family unit you like working with.” 


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Färg & Blanche & Petite Friture : collection Succession
  • Art de la Table en porcelaine saladier-Petite Friture

    Serwing bowl Succession

  • Art de la Table en porcelaine pichet-Petite Friture

    Pitcher Succession

  • Art de la Table en porcelaine mug-Petite Friture

    Mug Succession

  • Art de la Table en porcelaine bol-Petite Friture

    Bowl succession