In these unusual times, there is a great need to connect and to reach out to others that comes to the fore and we want to share with you those projects we find invigorating. 


Emma Blanche from the Färg&Blanche studio, with whom we worked on the Succession tableware collection, is currently part of the proudly feminist project “MissChiefs” , a travelling exhibit of contemporary design showcasing 10 Swedish designers. 


The defiantly punk exhibit includes some of the most daring and wild creations from the collective, that sit at the crossroads between design, art, and craftsmanship. 

Emma Blanche - Misschiefs Emma Blanche - Misschiefs

The aim behind the initiative is to give more visibility to female designers in a world where they are still under-represented. Some of the proceeds made on items from the catalogue will go to an international foundation for women. 


Emma’s contribution, Scream a Whisper, is a composition of 3 footstools that she made herself out of 3D objects and rope: “I was pregnant while going through the creative phase of the design and that had a massive impact on my work for MissChiefs. […] I came up with the idea of making a footstool; something sturdy, that you can sit on, that your whole body can count on.” 


Last week, Emma took over the reins of the @misschiefs.se Instagram account and gave a glimpse into the creative process and different steps that went into producing the stool. She speaks of the influence her pregnancy had on her work and a range of feminist issues with a healthy dose of wit and honesty.