For today’s episode of our Quarantine Chronicles, we would like to invite you to take a moment to join us as we talk about entrepreneurship with Adrien Garcia, creator of the podcast Entreprendre dans la mode (a.k.a. Being an entrepreneur in fashion) and Amélie du Passage. 

Amélie reflects on the importance of the poetic nature of design and her desire to embark on a project that was finely tuned to her own values. Through their conversation, we gain insight into her career and the reasons that led her to create Petite Friture. 



Amélie du Passage is a curious being, both in nature and temperament. Her quest for beauty, for the unexpected, for anything that triggers an emotion, like a spark, is what drives her and gave her the impetus to create her company some 10 years ago. 

Driven by her positivity and the belief in the future success of her project, she was soon ready to set off. When talking of the founding years of Petit Friture, she says “It made sense, it was my path to follow.” 

A path that was yet to be beaten. Being a design editor brings great freedom but also numerous constraints and requires steadfast discipline: “We are growing a full catalogue. We are expected to have our uniquely personal, high-quality selection and service.” 

The collections that are part of the Petite Friture catalogue are all direct representations of the deeply rooted desire to hand pick items that are more than just pieces of furniture, they project an ethos, a freedom, a breath of fresh air. 

This was the case with the launch of Vertigo, created by Constance Guisset – the watershed moment in the early years of Petite Friture, that sealed its future as design editor and discoverer of talent. 

Amélie and Constance were both starting out their professional careers and understood each other straight away. ‘New encounters’ has since become one of the brand’s key values. 




For Amélie, it is not enough to merely have a good idea. Success lies almost entirely in the quality of new encounters. Where there is chemistry, success is sure to follow. The same can be said for the relationships we have with our designers and for the way we operate in house. 

Our creative process doesn’t stop with our designers; it extends far beyond and includes illustrators like Leslie David, Lisa Laubreaux and Tiphaine de Bodman, chefs like Ido Garini from Studio Apetit, and talented photographers like Ola Rindal and Florent Tanet, who all help foster our brand aesthetic and drive the overall thought behind our company. 

A community of talent that we know we can rely on as a trusting fellowship – essential ingredients for Amélie. 

While the ambitions are set high, they serve as a key driver for Amélie. 

The current period compels us to take pause for thought. Every day, she meets with her teams to discuss upcoming product launches but more importantly to reflect upon our place in the new world that awaits us, on the contribution we can make – one of positivity, transparency, and optimism. 

Sustainability is a topic that comes back almost like a spell-like mantra; it is an issue on which we need to make fast, effective progress. Amélie and Adrien discuss such topics, which they see not as a single piece of a larger road-map, but rather the driving force behind all thoughts : “I swore to myself […] that my choices would be made knowingly and without regrets.” 

Their conversation is one full of honesty and tenderness; one that echoes loudly in uncertain yet somewhat hopeful times we live in. 


Sit back and enjoy. We hope to see you soon on our social media for the next instalment of the Quarantine Chronicles.