The designers that have shouldered Petite Friture for the past 10 years turned the adventure into one of connecting people and creativity. Usually, we would be spending time with each other, discussing future designs and product finish, debating texture, comfort, manufacturing. We miss such conversations as they have been now taken online or over the phone. 


Given that our design work has been put on hold, we are focusing on other conversations, essential, in a time of lockdown. Our Quarantine Chronicles are a way for us to reconnect with our designers and shed light on that to which their minds are turning. 


Today, we would like to invite you to join us as we explore the world of Studio Pool, a creative duo at the height of poetic imagination. 

Photo booth Studio Pool



POOL is a Paris based creative studio founded by Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer. Following the paths of design, graphics, artistic direction, and interior design, Pool is characterised by a unique and total field of possibilities.  


Brought to light at the Nouvelle Vague exhibition in Milan in 2011, L. Padovani and S. Kieffer have been dialoguing ever since on the way personal influences and their environment inspire their production. This joint reflection around design has pushed them into creating objects whose beauty and function are united, exploring the field of emotions and intentions.   


Ever since 2015 when the studio first worked with Petite Friture on the ISO-A and ISO-B nesting table collection, the duo’s craftsmanship has shone through in their attention to detail and finish. Different facets nourish and stimulate the multidisciplinary reflection initiated around the artisanal collaboration present at every step of the realisation of a project




POOL creations could come together within a large geometric composition of which they would have been the silent partners. Their vocabulary is there where the radical volumes and shapes and colours collide, affirming their appetite for graphic design. It’s this skill as interior designers and colourists we also find in their modular daybed line, Grid, where colours, shapes and materials seem to assemble together and form an obvious geometric combination.  




We cherish our relationship with Léa and Sébastien, which stands as one of the longest and most fruitful. 

The most recent TAVLA range, unveiled in January 2020, is another step forward in our trust-based, mutually inspiring relationship. 

Mutual trust is an essential part of any relationship between designer and producer, as put by Léa and Sébastien: “A true conversation between someone with a vision, who knows precisely what they want and what their brand is, and us – how have been part of so much of Petite Friture’s history.” 


We are deeply fond of this relationship, one based in trust, human connection, and generosity, and which Léa so aptly describes: “What is so wonderful about having a long-standing and trusted relationship is that Amélie trust us in developing objects that are a touch complicated, systems and collections.” 


Our shared objective is to push creativity to new horizons, to rely on our network of designers to constantly (re-)invent and rethink the very role design editors play – especially given the unique times we are in. For Amélie du Passage, encountering others and being mutually inspiring is the heart of the Petite Friture way: “Through ongoing dialogue with designers, we develop products that are part of a greater ethos. A meeting of minds.” 


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