Where Is Beauty ?

We would like to share with you all this brief interlude from a pre-pandemic time when Petite Friture founder and artistic director, Amélie du Passage, met with Hélène Aguilar, the mind behind the podcast Où est le beau ? (Where is beauty?)


In this episode, Amélie talks about her career and the early years of her journey as an entrepreneur with the launch of Petite Friture in 2009. She discusses what it means to be a ‘design editor’ and how she perceives the role from her position as Artistic Director.



Fresh out of HEC business school, Amélie du Passage started her career as speech writer for then Culture Minister Jean-Jacques Aillagon, before joining the FIAC Art Fair as secretary general.

The taste for running a business soon took hold of Amélie who went on to found Petite Friture 10 years ago. The magnetic power of beauty and the desire to bring meaning to the world were the driving forces behind her project: “There was a budding generation of young designers that was on the rise and their interesting designs were starting to inspire others, unfortunately they had little opportunity to have their designs produced and had lack-lustre representation”.


From day one, Amélie chose to break free from industry codes, as can be seen in her instant love for the prototype design from budding designer Constance Guisset – a creation that would go on to become the exquisite Vertigo suspension light.
This first encounter set the tone for what was to follow, a journey of high demands and bold design.
For Amélie, a ‘design editor’ is someone with “unbelievable freedom in a world of expression”; she is the conductor “who unveils new talents and ensures that their creations are in harmony with the ethos of the company they work for”.





Amélie recounts the origin story behind the Petite Friture name; what roughly translates into English as ‘mini fry-up’, is evocative of the vivacious crackling of tiny bubbles, something honest, humble, and inviting. The story she tells is one of convivial encounters and sharing: “a virtuous pull between bold design […] and a sense of optimism. We seek to surprise, illicit an emotion or a smile.


We hope you get as much joy from (re)listening to the one-on-one chat between Hélène Aguilar and Amélie du Passage as we did and that this brief interlude will bring a smile to your day.


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