Forward momentum

On March 20, we announced that we were putting a hold on all manufacturing, preparation and delivery activities. The products we sell are not essential items; hence this decision was right given the necessary nature of the current lockdown.


The sudden change triggered a shockwave effect. Overnight, we went from a growing business to one with flatlining sales. The economic survival of our business is on the line, and with that, so too is the continuity of our staff and business partners.


Nevertheless I remain unwaveringly optimistic and assured that we will overcome the hardships that lay ahead and that we will be all the stronger for it. Florence Delorme, who has proven to be a much worthy travel partner on this journey, and I believed in hiring teams of people who shared in our values – people who were optimistic, daring, and generous. It is in the face of adversity that I take the true measure of how precious that is.


I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone at Petite Friture for their support and commitment.

However, we will not pick up from where we left off. The current exceptional circumstances compel us to ask ourselves fundamental questions. To reflect upon notions of responsibility, meaning, our commitment, our very definition of growth and how we perceive it. While we have reflected upon such issues in the past, the current state of affairs impels us to do so again; and to be far more demanding, transparent and also resourceful, for we will have fewer means to work with.


However, I see a great opportunity in the challenges that lie before us, one that requires our wholehearted belief in shaping the world of tomorrow.


As a design house, we must do our utmost to guarantee the quality of what we produce as way of reducing the impact we have on the environment. Advocate products that are designed and made to last, that will stay within our collections, and that our customers want to hold on to for many years to come. We must optimise manufacturing, logistics, quantities, and packaging. We must establish partnerships with companies that protect both their business ecosystem and the environment.


This has been our guiding principle in the past and will be even more so in the future as we move forward more open and determined than ever before.

Generally speaking, we are taking the brand a step forward. We will trust our intuition to uncover, encounter, unveil, curate, and achieve fulfilment; as has been our underlying mission for the past 10 years. We will foster fruitful relationships between designers, our staff, and manufacturers to better serve the quest for daring design.

We must thrust forward. We believe that when an encounter is free, generous, and demanding, it can give rise to strong momentum. This drive resonates more now than it ever has.


The latest post made by Petite Friture marked the end of ‘curated communication’. Struck with a sense of helplessness, we have chosen to run a series that highlights the absurdities of life in lock-down: the ‘Quarantine Chronicles’, an Instagram story with a new instalment every day. It is our humble way of bringing a ray of joy, because laughter is such a beneficial outlet, for you and for our own teams.

It is time for us to speak out. Not about our products – it is far too soon for that – but rather our specific mission. That which has kept us on track these past 10 years has taken on more profound importance in the current context. It is time to focus on the people behind Petite Friture – our designers, staff, manufacturers and retailers. There is no filter, no pretence, just a free spirit to speak the stories we dearly believe in. We hope to continue to bring a smile to your days, with something cheeky, profound, and a little roguish.

See you all very soon on our social media, Instagram and here on Linkedin.


Amélie du Passage