In conversation with : Amélie du Passage and Färg & Blanche

On the occasion of the Stockholm Design Week, Petite Friture founder, AMÉLIE DU PASSAGE met with the designer duo behind our new tableware line, FÄRG & BLANCHE, for a personal tête-à-tête to discuss their collaboration and respective careers in the design world.

In conversation with : Amélie du Passage and Färg et Blanche

PETITE FRITURE AND FÄRG & BLANCHE: experimenting with the art of tableware




With Stockholm Design Week as a backdrop, designers Emma Blanche and Fredrik Färg – the duo behind Färg & Blanche – exhibited a number of new creations at the stunning Blanche family home, Baker’s House.

As part of the event, Petite Friture joined them for a conversation on creation within the exhibit.

A perfect occasion to speak at length about the creative process behind the ‘Succession’ tableware line and to briefly recall the serendipitous first encounter between Amélie du Passage and Färg & Blanche at Maison & Objet in 2015.

It was also an opportunity to explore the highly experimental creative process of the two designers, one centred on the link between movement and matter. Projects come to life in their studio or in the form of quick sketches; textiles are then speedily assembled to create each piece. Numerous attempts are made by hand before culminating in a final version. The iterative, artisanal process ultimately boils down to a prototype that can be sent to production.


Choosing a brand to work with ‘is like building a family you like to work with”.


The relationship between designer and design producer – such as Petite Friture – ventures much further than the purely technical aspects of a product. Petite Friture and Färg & Blanche both have the same love for design and the need to enjoy and have fun while creating, to co-develop collections that make sense for designer and brand alike. As Emma Blanche puts it, choosing a brand to work with ‘is like building a family you like to work with”.

Färg et Blanche Baker House Färg et Blanche Baker House
Färg and Blanche's Baker House

SUCCESSION: a line of porcelain wares developed with Revol



In the Petite Friture world, creating a collection of designer objects is not just limited to lighting fixtures and furniture – the brand’s iconic pieces; it is a matter of identity, something that can be found in each individual piece. Developing a tableware range is about conveying brand values of sharing, conviviality, and hospitality; this collection sheds new meaning on the rest of the brand.


With the ‘Succession’ line, Petite Friture is serving up a full set of tableware of unique, organic shapes made out of culinary porcelain.

The original form was first created in the Färg & Blanche studio during a run of experiments: a base shape covered in felt then criss-crossed with string and set in high temperature oven; once freed, visible tether marks were left behind.


With this as a prototype, the rest of the collection was manufactured with the help of Revol – French tableware manufacturer known widely for their expertise and high standards.

To extend the full dining set, Revol used the felt templates made by Färg & Blanche to create sculpted moulds that perfectly replicated the precise, contemporary lines of the original.


The three-way collaboration has given rise to a complete dinner set in culinary porcelain full of contrasts: a raw, matte finish on the outside and shiny glaze on the inside; the set comes in either bone-white or charcoal-grey; it includes dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, espresso cups, mugs, and jugs.

Succcession Collection : Porcelain tableware
  • Porcelaine Tableware mug-Petite Friture

  • Art de la Table en porcelaine petite assiette-Petite Friture

  • Art de la Table en porcelaine bol-Petite Friture

  • Porcelaine Tableware serving bowl-Petite Friture

  • Porcelaine Tableware mug-Petite Friture

  • Porcelaine Tableware Large plate-Petite Friture

  • Porcelaine Tableware Large plate-Petite Friture

  • Porcelaine Tableware-Petite Friture