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Extra-large mirror coffee table FRANCIS - Petite Friture

Extra-large mirror-coffee table

Constance Guisset

The extra-large FRANCIS mirror-coffee table revisits an iconic Petite Friture mirror, exploring the horizontal plane. 

The original mirror design from 2012 by Constance Guisset has been combined with ceremonial shapes to become a mirror-coffee table that brings poetry and design into any living-room. The extra-large format turns FRANCIS into a true statement piece.

This piece received the Stylepark Selected Award at the 2019 Salone del Mobile.

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Tall mirror table FRANCIS - Petite Friture

Tall mirror table

Constance Guisset

The FRANCIS mirror-bar table is a new take on the original mirror designed in 2012 by Constance Guisset. Now laid flat, the mirror turns whole notion of reflection on its head, bringing a stunningly poetic perspective to interior design.

The idea for the FRANCIS mirror came from coloured pigments blooming out from a paintbrush dipped into water – even more evocative now in its horizontal form. 

  • Made in France
  • Free delivery
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The extra-large Francis mirror is the most spectacular of the 2012 series designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture.

The watercolour hues are brought to life, giving coloured dream-like glow to any interior.

  • Free delivery within 1 or 2 weeks

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€1,695.00 (tax incl.)

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  • More infos

    More informations about Extra-large FRANCIS mirror :

    Black, watercolour in blue and violet

    Laminated glass mirror, aluminium, epoxy paint
    Kevlar cord

    SIZE :
    Height: 5.5cm
    Diameter: 110 cm

    WEIGHT: 23kg

    To ensure the large format mirror is properly mounted, the right wall-plug must be carefully chosen for the corresponding wall.

    Sleeves differ according to the type of wall being used and the weight of the load it will have to bear.

    For plasterboard walls, we recommend:

    • molly bolts (<50kg)
    • form fitting

    For hollow walls, we recommend:

    • metallic molly bolt (<50kg)
    • dual component knotting-expanding sleeves (<100kg)
    • large expanding molly bolt (>200kg)