List of products by brand Vaulot - Dyèvre

Vaulot & Dyèvre (Quentin Vaulot, born in 1983 and Goliath Dyèvre, born in 1980) have been associates since 2009. Both graduated from ENSCI - Les Ateliers. After a collaboration with the architect Philippe Rahm for the VIA carte blanche in 2008, they won a project support from the VIA for their large scale lamp of 3.5m called Spanlight in 2010. The project «Fantôme», bells concealing objects won the second prize in the Cinna competition in the small furniture category. Working in scenography, they created «Objets du numérique» for the Lieu du Design. In 2012, they won first prize for design at Agora Bordeaux and started a research project with CRAFT (Centre de Recherche sur les Arts du Feu et de la Terre) in Limoges. They also directed several scenography projects including one for The Centre of National Monuments. They live and work in Paris.