List of products by brand G. GABILLET & S. VILLARD

Gaëlle Gabillet (born in 1976 in France) and Stéphane Villard (born in 1973 in France) met at ENSCI Les Ateliers from where they both graduated respectively in 2000 and 2001. Gaëlle and Stéphane founded the GGSV studio in 2011, and were winners of the Carte Blanche VIA in 2011 with their research project «Object Black Hole». Their hybrid work shares itself between prospective design and scenography, interior architecture and edition for institutional and industrial clients. They are edited by Gallery Cat Berro, Petite Friture and Made In Design. In addition Gaëlle teaches design at ESAD in Reims and Stéphane is the informal atelier project director at ENSCI Les Ateliers.