Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp - Black/White

Price €2,162.50

Standing lamps: what is the difference between a designer floor lamp and reading light?

Floor lamps are designed to be placed on the ground and stand taller than 70cm high. They are often placed in a dimly lit corner like that found behind a sofa or armchair to draw attention to the space while giving off additional light. Thanks to its adjustable boom arm, the light of the Vertigo Nova floor lamp can be placed precisely where you need it. Its dimmable built-in LED lights give off a remarkably soft glow. The signature airy silhouette of this designer floor lamp feels resolutely modern in any space.

Any floor lamp under 70cm high is considered to be a reading light. It is named as such because it was originally designed to give off enough light to read by while leaving the reader’s face in the dark. For example, the Mediterranea reading light casts an intense light that is cast at half-height, right where you need it to clearly read by. Made of brass in a shape that is reminiscent of linen hung out to dry on balconies in the French Riviera, this piece is not only functional but also precious.