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Add a dash of poetry and cheer to your interior with our stylish home accessories

Liven up your walls with our elegant Bubble coat pegs. With a deceivingly fragile appearance, these coat pegs sit on your wall like delicate colourful bubbles of soap. Together, they compose splendidly creative tableaux, without compromising on practicality. Although our Bubble coat pegs are made of glass, they are highly resistant and will easily accommodate your jackets and coats.

To put some order into your living spaces, try out our sleek home decor containers. Made of ceramic materials, our bunny-ear Curiosity range is a trendy solution to store bulk cooking ingredients in your kitchen. Our Ping collection inspired by designer Andras Riegler’s childhood memories will sit perfectly on a hall table, on a mantelpiece or on a shelf. The smallest container of the range, Baby Ping, will perch nicely on a table – like a penguin on an ice floe – hiding away tasty treats.

Introduce a hint of reverie into your home with our selection of modern mirrors. The watercolour artwork on each of our mirrors is inspired by the effect of pigmentation on water. Both stylish and functional, our mirrors make rooms look bigger, create a sense of depth, and capture light.