Wall lamp O Unseen - Brass

Price €915.83

Vertigo Nova Wall lamp - Black/White

Price €1,495.83

Designer wall light or boom wall lamp, what to choose?

More discreet than a suspension light, wall lights and boom wall lamps bring depth to space and style to your walls. They are as much a decorative piece as a functional source of light. What to choose between a wall light and a boom wall lamp?

Boom wall lamps feature a long swivel arm that sticks out from the wall. However, the extended arm can also be fixed in place.
Boom wall lamps with a swivel arm serve a dual purpose. It can be used to light up a sofa and also sued as a reading lamp when needed. It is also a sound alternative instead of a suspension light should the room lack space. When positioned above a round table or bar table, the Vertigo Nova boom wall light exudes the same vibrations as its suspension light cousin.

If you are after a brighter and more directed light, a fixed designer wall light is a better alternative. For quality lighting with a comforting atmosphere, we recommend the Unseen range of LED wall lights. They give off a gentle glow which, when paired with their brass base, add a sleek, modern touch.

Wall lights are also popular for imbuing a space with added style. The brass-finish Mediterranea wall lights with their geometric patterns bring a sense of heightened sophistication when placed either side of a headboard. Designer wall lights are also useful for lighting a staircase. However, be careful that wall lights in such instances are not too bright for people going up. The Grillo wall light is ideal as the bulb remains hidden from sight.