2nd Chance Sales - Petite Friture 2nd Chance Sales - Petite Friture

Our 3 discount levels:

  • Vente 2nde Chance - Petite Friture -30%

    -30% for mint condition items that are no longer in the catalogue for 2022 or that posed for press photo shoots and are in top condition.

    "I am in perfect condition, still in my original packaging, and can’t wait to show of my best assets."

  • Vente exceptionnelle 2nde Chance - Petite Friture -40%

    -40% for minor and discreet imperfections.

    " Despite some minor blemishes here and there down my side and on my back, I’m still as stunning as ever."

  • Vente 2nde Chance - Petite Friture -50%

    -50% fot items that have been on the odd trade fair or expo, noticeable yet acceptable flaws.

    "My visible flaws are the sign of a life well lived zooming from events to photo shoots."

2nde Chance - Vente Exceptionnelle 2nde Chance - Vente Exceptionnelle
Petite Friture réduction jusqu'à -50% Petite Friture réduction jusqu'à -50%
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Founded 10 years ago by Amélie du Passage, Petite Friture creates singular and sustainable collections.

Each project is born of an intuitive and optimistic encounter between editor, emerging and established designers and demanding manufacturers.

Its vocation: to arouse emotions that send out vibrations through time and space.

From an effervescent blend comes a sense of drive, a desire to work towards something sincere.
The same sincerity that imbues Petit Friture’s belief and commitment to a more sustainable, transparent, respectful future of open dialogue.


Manifeste Petite Friture